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Wiggle Out Loud is a free event for families, made possible by the generosity of our sponsors.  If you or your company is interested in being involved, please contact us.

Sponsorship Deadline:  July1, 2017

In the Zone TV Channel Presenting: $50,000
At least $30,000 cash

Wiggle Out Loud TV Show: $20,000
At least $12,000 cash

Festival Platunum:  $15,000
At least $7,500 cash 

Logo added to In The Zone TV logo, included in all 3 show intro videos (Bingo, Art & Wiggle Out Loud TV), website, social media, press & signage in studio. Logo added to Wiggle Out Loud TV logo, website, social media, press & signage in studio. Included in all ads, websites, t-shirts, press, print, media, stage video, promos, announcements from festival stage video, banner (or video) on stage & listing on banners throughout the festival.
Weekly show end recognition & promo video recognition for all 3 live shows. Weekly show end recognition & promo video recognition for single Wiggle Out Loud TV show. Booth presence at event.
Festival: Announcements from festival stage video, listing on sponsor banners throughout the festival, 4 WOL t-shirts at the festival; 12 VIP/hospitality WOL passes. Festival:Announcements from festival stage video, listing on sponsor banners throughout the festival, 4 WOL t-shirts at the festival; 12 VIP/hospitality WOL passes. 4 WOL t-shirts at the festival; 12 VIP/ hospitality WOL passes.
    Wiggle Out Loud TV-quarterly program recognition & promo video recognition.


Festival Gold: $5,000
At least $2,500 cash

Festival Silver: $2,500
At least $1,000 cash

Festival Bronze: $1,000

Included in all websites, t-shirts, print, stage video, announcements from festival stage video, banner (or video banner) on stage & listing on banners throughout the festival.


Included in websites, t-shirts,
announcements from festival stage video & listing on banners throughout the festival.

Included in website & on t-shirts.

3 WOL t-shirts at the festival; 8 VIP/hospitality WOL passes.


2 WOL t-shirts at the festival;6 VIP/hospitality WOL passes


2 WOL t-shirts at the festival; 4 VIP/hospitality WOL passes.

Supporting & Activity: $500

Vendors, Food Trucks, & VIP Hospitality Room

Included in website Please e-mail [email protected] for involvement details
2 VIP/hospitality WOL passes